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Electronic Equipment

Please silence all equipment before entering the theatres and be courteous when using electronic equipment within any performance area. 

Photographs, Video and Audio Recordings

Still photographs, audio and/or video recording are at the discretion of each performer. We ask that you turn off your flash while in the theatre.

Late Arrivals

Theatre doors open approximately 30 minutes prior to each performance. Latecomers  may be asked to wait in the lobby to be seated by an usher. 


Early Departures 

If you must leave early from a performance, we ask that you do so at the end

of an act or song.


The JLC snack bar offers a variety of chips, candy and beverages. The snack bar

is open prior to all events and remain open throughout the show for your convenience.


Children are welcome to attend age-appropriate programming at the James Lumber Center. We ask for your cooperation in removing crying or unhappy children from the audience.

Backstage Access

Access to all backstage, catwalk and tech booth areas is limited to authorized personnel only. 


Information & Questions

Please contact the JLC Box Office at (847) 543-2300.



The James Lumber Center for the Performing Arts is ADA compliant.

Our staff is fully committed to making the venue accessible for all patrons.


Individuals who need special assistance should notify the JLC Box Office

at (847) 543-2300, at least two weeks in advance.

For Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations, call (847) 543-2474 (voice) or (847) 223-0134 (TTY).

JLC Services Include:

  • Accessible wheelchair accessibility to all theatres, restrooms                     and drinking fountains

  • Assistive listening devices and Braille signage

  • Elevators

  • Handicap parking

  • Electric doors can be opened by a button

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